Lovett Township Schools

Lovett Township was established in 1871 by the Jennings County Commissioners. Hazel Smith wrote about the development of schools for the North Vernon Plain Dealer (June 13, 1985) ►Newspaper Article. The 1874 Atlas of Jennings County (Latham) numbered the location of 10 section schools. The Smith article lists them by name: Weston, Pleasant View, Tea Creek, Hickory Corner, Redman, Union Star, Lovett and the Old German Church schools. These schools gradually consolidated into the Lovett Township School held upstairs over what is known as the Davis Store.

In 1901 the brick building was built and housed both the grade schools and the high school (started in 1898-99. The white frame building was constructed in 1920 specifically to house the high school. Lovett High School students were sent to Paris Crossing High School in 1939, and later to North Vernon High School in 1961. The grade school merged with Marion and Montgomery townships in to create Graham Creek Elementary School in 1969. During the county's bicentennial, the North Vernon Plain Dealer published articles about all townships including Lovett, which gave a short description of the schools: ►Newspaper Article

Note: Thanks to the North Vernon Plain Dealer and Sun for permission to include these articles.